Monday, 23 April 2012

SOLD! Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody

RM15 including postage

A secondhand book in very good condition
A novel I dearly love, it was so hard to put this one down once you've read it.

"Betty Mahmoody is a devoted wife and mother until her husband, Moody, unexpectedly turns on her. Born and raised in Iran, Moody decides that he would like to take his wife, Betty, and daughter, Mahtob, to visit relatives in his homeland. Betty is reluctant at first, but is assured by her husband that it will only be for two weeks. Once in Iran, Moody informs Betty that they will not be returning to the United States. 

Betty runs to the U.S. Embassy for help and finds that although she has the legal right to leave the country, she cannot take her daughter because, in Iran, the father has legal custody. She refuses to leave without her daughter and returns to the home that she must now share with relatives. Trapped and unhappy, she is mistreated by both her husband and his family. She is beat and locked inside her rooms for days. She must learn to prepare insect infected food. And even worse, she must watch as her daughter is constantly scolded and punished at the school that she is required to attend. Betty and Mahtob must learn to survive in a country where she knows nothing of the language, customs, or laws. 

Betty is watched at all times and there are few opportunities for her to make contact with anyone outside of the house. She is rarely allowed to even call home where her older two sons are living with her parents awaiting her return. Soon, though, Betty begins to find ways to search for help. Once she is trusted to make short shopping trips, she uses these opportunities to either go to the Embassy or to make phone calls at a local store. Eventually she is put in touch with a group of people who, for a fee, agrees to hide and smuggle them out of the country. Although dangerous, Betty decides that it may be the only chance for her to leave Iran with her daughter. Betty and Mahtob begin the long journey back home to the United States.  Summary was taken from

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